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My Computer is Slower Than When I Bought It. Try Soluto, It Will Help.

March 20, 2011 by Jesse Friedman

Is your computer slower than when you bought it? When your computer starts up, it loads a bunch of programs that make your computer take longer to load and slow down as they stay on when your computer is on. Some necessary but some have been added as time goes on through adding applications, viruses and more. Soluto will load up when your computer starts, then prompt you with startup items that you can remove safely as well as others that you might not want to remove. It is very good at explaining why you should remove it due to the fact that the descriptions are community created.  You have to signup to beta test it but they approve pretty quick.

I get a ton of people asking me how to speed their computer up. This will help.  http://soluto.com/

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